Mary Baker Eddy

Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910) discovered and founded Christian Science.

Raised in a Puritan home, she loved and studied the Bible throughout her life. Often ill growing up, she experimented unsuccessfully with multiple healthcare systems. A turning point occurred in 1866 when she had a severe fall. After three days her health was not improving, so she asked for her Bible and became completely well after reading two of Jesus’ healings. Throughout her life she’d been able to heal others, but now she began to understand the science behind the activity. Often asked how she was able to heal, Eddy explained and documented it in her primary work, Science and Health, and named her discovery Christian Science.

Eddy became a public speaker, teacher, and best-selling author. She founded a college for teaching Christian Science healing, an international church, and multiple publications, including the award-winning newspaper, The Christian Science Monitor.

Church Services and Sunday School

Sunday Services
These church services are for everyone! The hymns, prayer and a Lesson-Sermon read from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures provide spiritual inspiration and a healing atmosphere.

Wednesday Evening Meetings
These meetings are a midweek pause for prayer, for listening to readings from the Bible and Science and Health that speak to a current need in the community or world. There is also an opportunity to listen to (and share) testimonies of healing and experiences gained through prayer and the study of Christian Science.

Sunday School
Just an hour every week where young children through to teenagers can explore the moral and spiritual teachings of the Bible and Science and Health and learn how to make them practical in their own lives.


Christian Science Reading Rooms

They are friendly places to ask questions, to explore the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy (as well as her other writings) plus books, magazines and CDs on Christian healing.

An all-in-one library and bookshop, they are resource centres for personal growth, health, and spiritual discovery.

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